The big clock face is placed in the middle of a friendly owl. The hands can be moved around manually for a child’s first introduction to time. One wing is a squeaker whilst the other is a crinkle. The textured fabrics and bean bag interior make it perfect for cuddles. It also comes with two high quality teethers.

Why Children Love this Toy:
• Sounds: Children will delight in creating sounds through using the squeaker and crinkles.
• Color: The variation of color makes them highly engaging for inquisitive babies.
• Material: A high quality, safe design means babies can use different parts of the toy as teethers.
• Touch: The different textures, crinkle ears and moving clock hands are extremely satisfying for children to play with.

Educational Benefits
• 3D design helps toddlers to discriminate different patterns by tactile play
• Helps to connect motor skills with auditory learning by squeaking and moving the clock hands..
• Visual learning is provoked through color perception.
• Introduction to time: Children will gain an early understanding about how clocks tell the time.

Other features:
• Soft parts for use as a teether toy.

• Non – Toxic (Formaldehyde Free, BPA Free)

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