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Baby Early Development Toys

Social / Emotional

This stage is typically characterized by fast sensory development. Newborns, up until around the age of 2 months, will rapidly develop their sense of touch, taste, sight, smell and sound. This will create reactions that are most noticeable through facial expressions. DolceToys should make children smile and laugh at this stage of development as well as act as soothing objects by the feel of soft materials and use of teethers. Facial and vocal recognition will also begin to develop as they establish emotional relationships with their parents and people closest to them.

Language/ Communication

In this stage of development, your child should have begun cooing at certain things and educational toys. Typically, they have also begun making gurgling sounds. Infants at this age should also be able to distinguish sounds and indicate that they can by turning towards various different sounds that they hear.


Cognitive development largely relates to memory retention at this stage. Newborns are absorbing the world around them with feverish attention to detail so that they will be able to recognize familiar faces, sounds and objects. Their perception of sizes, shapes, colours and tones will develop rapidly. For this reason, it is essential to maintain a high level of stimulation and buy Educational toys for babies. Repetitive or monotonous tasks will create boredom and lead to crying.


Children are discovering their bodies through movement. By two months they should be able to hold up their own heads. From lying on their stomach, they should also be able to raise themselves with their arms. This reflects a healthy growth of muscles. Baby early development toys help with movements that become less sporadic as coordination and motor skills develop rapidly.