50 years ago, toys were very different to what we have today. There were toy soldiers, dolls and building blocks. Some dolls might have a string that would magically make them talk, and some children had puzzles to keep them occupied for hours.

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Then, as we entered the 90’s, the tides turned and almost every toy on the market seemed to be electronic. There was a huge rise in electronic toys like Nintendo’s,Tamagotchi, Furbys… everything came with batteries and interactive voice features, growing in popularity and price year by year!

Nostalgia alert. The Tamagotchi is making a comeback

This past year, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a surprising but welcome study showing that kids benefited more by playing with the simple toys we knew and loved as kids.

The report issued by the Academy indicated that children are actually better off with simple toys that help them develop sensory and auditory skills. Inspired by this research, Dolce continued its development of soft and simple toys for children of all ages.

Dolce’s mission is to design toys that help babies, infants and toddlers develop and learn in a fun way through play. The Dolce baby teethers and plush toys offer a simple way for parents to help their little ones explore and play.

ACTIVITY camel toy stem authenticated

Some of the greatest things about Dolce’s toys are:

  • You don’t need batteries – Dolce toys are designed to last so your children can enjoy their Dolce toys for as long as they want
  • Creative Play – Nothing sparks creative play the way Dolce toys spark creative play. Watch your children learn as they interact with dozens of Dolce plush toys and teethers
  • Tactile and Sensory Play – The study and report by the Academy of American Pediatrics reminds us how important tactile and sensory play really are for our babies. Dolce toys are designed with these things in mind.
  • Designed for different ages – All Dolce toys are offered with an ideal age range in mind. Choose the best toys for your infants, babies and toddlers from Dolce’s long line of awesome toys.

Dolce stands for its mission of:

  • Develop – your child will develop his sensory and tactile skills playing with Dolce’s wide variety of plush toys and teethers
  • Observe – Your baby will get to observe the different fabrics and textures used in Dolce’s toy design
  • Learn – Dolce toys help your little one learn the different cause and effect features of the toys
  • Create – Your child can create his own world of play with all of the Dolce toys!
  • Educate – Watch your toddler learn while at play

Dolce offers the best of both worlds. They offer colorful and simple toy designs that are guaranteed to help your baby learn, develop and play!

If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us or explore our products which have been recently authenticated by stem.org!

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